About Us

Our company was formed in September in 2013 in one of our high school’s classrooms after a long and tiring day. Bloom is a Young Enterprise company created by 9 members with big dreams and goals.

Blanka Csizmadia

As the CEO of our company, her mission is seeing through all processes and controlling everything from above. She takes part in everything – but this is true for everybody in Bloom.

Kamilla Fábián

Kamilla is the PR-manager and the photographer of Bloom. She establishes all communication channels and tries to involve every possible customer.

Bálint Szutor

Bálint is our sales manager – he directs product selling in every possible way.

Margaréta Kovács

Margaréta (or just call her on her nickname: Gréti) connects people with Bloom and searches for sponsors.

Péter Laczó

Péter makes financial reports based on the company’s outcomes and incomes – which is very important for the annual settlement.

Lili Madár

She is the recorder, who always writes down every single idea of ours.

Emma Rozgonyi

She is the deputy of the director and she also has the job of a creative director – so she is responsible for the new designs.

Tamás Sengel

He coded the application and the website – and the team is very proud of him for doing that with the age of 16.

Borbála Szabó

As a production director, her duty is to make processing easier and faster.